About us

As a properly trained bookseller my range of interest focused on Irish literature and always on the seemingly ambiguous topics of Fantastic literature and Historical research and science. After filling my head with theoretical knowledge only I wanted to accumulate practical knowledge of what I had read as well. So I started doing leathercraft as a hobby until it became ever mounting part of life.

In 1997 my wife and I established a firm in Cologne to produce leatherworks for LARP. To exhaust the width of the usage of leather I began to train in Saddlery. Soon development and product range for reenactment evolved and works for the Bavarian State Archeology and for the Museum at Ingelheim followed. In 2006 the Oberbergisches Land gave us a call and we opened a new work stead in Engelskirchen.

Since 2009 after my wife finished her exams, I am doing this business alone.

The range now covers Kings & Queen products, individual works for LARP and reenactment, saddlery works, movie works as both film-armourer and saddlemaster on Set as well as propbuilding.