In this Archive, You will find desriptions and pictures of old works and projects.

Normally they are either custom made or unique, and can be replicated with slight adjustments of course.

Own design

14th - 16th ct.
Antler handle, brass mouth piece.
Custom made.


Own reconstruction based on finds from Amsterdam / Damral, NL July, 7th 1972

15th ct
The model for the lower half has been found in Amsterdam, the top half was designed based on the find. The book case is made of undyed calf leather, stamped and with cut design.

Custom made.

Stout cattleleather, doubled for strength. Hand dyed.

Custommade item.

Based on a fresco from Genova.

14th ct.
Stout cattle leather with outward facing seams, brass belt fittings. The purse is worn with a Basilard dagger tucked behind pouch and belt, so that its parry sits on the brass. Due to the brass fitting opening the purse is possible without it falling down. Pulling the dagger from its sheath enables the wearer to discard the purse in the blink of an eye.

130 Euro

All knifes are uniques and will not be replicated.

Own design based on finds in the Netherlands

15th ct.
Ebony and brass handle, dark red scabbard with ornamental cut design.

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