In this Archive, You will find desriptions and pictures of old works and projects.

Normally they are either custom made or unique, and can be replicated with slight adjustments of course.

Own design based on finds in the Netherlands

15th - 16th ct.
So-called Bockshufmesser (goatfootknife) with ebony and brass handles. Handle its roundabout 1,5 cm wide, but at its thinnest only 2 - 2,5 mm high. Brass fittings filed in hoof design.


Own design

16th ct.
Thin and bendable blade with ebony handle and brass fittings.

Own design based on London excavations

15th ct.
Pointed blade, C 45 steel, boxwood handle, brass fittings, cognac scabbard with cut design.

Blade and engraving after a London find 13th ct. Handle and fittings based on franconian/rusvik finds.

Blade C 45 steel, antler handle and brass fittings.
Engravings by E. Deutschmann

Rusvikstyle scabbard with copper and brass fitting in cut design. Belt with franconian buckle and strap end.

Based on dutch finds exhibited at the Klingenmuseum Solingen (catalogued f.e. in Jochen Amme: Historische Bestecke Bd. 3. Stuttgart 2012)

1500 - 1600
Open worked brass fitting sawed into fleur de Lys design with palm leave engravings and horn plated handle.

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